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25November 2017

I was absolutely thrilled yesterday to win Best Wedding Entertainment at the Simply Weddings Awards 2017!


Having only been in business for 2 years, with a big chunk of this spent having a baby and taking time out of working to be with my son, I was shocked to discover that I had still come out on top, beating some absolutely fantastic competition.




What makes these awards so special, is that only real brides and grooms can vote, so unlike some awards which can be in danger of becoming a popularity contest, the Simply Awards are very authentic as they rely on the testimonials and experiences of genuine couples who have booked each supplier for their own wedding.


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I was thrilled to have won and the award now takes pride of place on my mantelpiece (away from inquisitive reaching baby hands)!


I just want to say a tremendous thank you to each and every one of my couples who took the time to send me such incredible testimonials just like the one below. I cannot thank you enough. It warms my heart to read what an impact I made for your most special day, and I truly am living the dream, getting to call this my full-time job.


Much love!




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